approach and/or departure control help

okay guys so I really need help understanding approach and departure control. I know yall are gonna tell me to watch a video or something but I already did and I did not get anything… anything you guys can tell me?? I really appreciate it guys. no hate please!


Welcome to the Community, have you checked out Infinite Flight’s Youtube channel where they have visual tutorials?

I’m sure their are other community members who have youtube channels that they record their ATC sessions on. This could help you

thank you!! and yes I have checked out all the tutorials on the official youtube channel . I will try to look for some sessions or other players and see what I can figure out. thank you! :)

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My pleasure :)

That’s a pretty wide question, if you can be more specific maybe we can point you on the right direction.

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Hey @VulicityHD, welcome to the community!

Not really sure how to answer your query as it is fairly broad, but I will try.

Generally, the job of an approach controller is to give vectors to aircraft to line them up for either an ILS, GPS, or visual approach. While doing this you will have multiple aircraft to take care of and ensure necessary separation is given. The aircraft will be given a frequency change instruction from approach to switch to tower when established on the approach. (Aircraft May sometimes contact you for departure related requests if no departure controller is active)

The job of a departure controller is to give clearances/flight followings for aircraft to their destinations, as well as giving radar vectors to aircraft that require so. They also ensure separation between aircraft is sufficient. Tower controllers will usually hand off aircraft to the departure controller once airborne. (As with approach controllers, departure controllers may also have to deal with arriving aircraft and their requests)

I know this isn’t a fully detailed guide on how to be an approach or departure controller, but it’s pretty much what each controller does and who they deal with, so I hope it helps.

Once again, welcome to the community!



thank you I appreciate you guys!!

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