Approach and landing

Looking for some advice on approach and landing, im new to the simulation and ive just flew from Heathrow to glasgow using lnav etc were the aircraft decends on its own but when i activated the
Approach tab the loc was flashing but the aircraft was to high for landing, is this something i should
Be doing during decend

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Hey, I see you have already created quite some topics now about various things. Just a kind suggestion; perhaps it’d be an idea to collect all your questions and create one topic for everything? :DD

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Hello and welcome, we are glad to have you here in the community! Recommend visiting this Flying Guide and the official YouTube tutorials found here Flight Training.

Also might recommend this video. It helped me a lot when I was getting started :)

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When this happens, you may either try your approach again (go around that is) or adjust with the VS button for a steeper descent. In that case, if you manage to get back in the cone, Appr will kick on again.

Always happy to help you practice if you like! Feel free to dm me if so!

I didn’t know how to do actually do this for years and when someone showed me I was like “what is this magic?!”

Welcome to the gang :)


Evening mate

Was you above the glidescope when activating your approach mode. Also did you tune the correct freq in for the ILS.

I watched the IF autoland tutorial on YouTube
Done everything correctly until the last part
Were i turned off auto speed to adjust the throttle
a little then as i got closer to the runway i
turned it back on then it was a disaster after that
On the video the guy advises you to do that
Didnt work for me, i know for next time

I normally disconnect all autopilot at about 1000ft I never put autothrottle back on to land. At about 100ft throttle back keeping your pitch about +5 degress.

What altitude indicator should i be set at msl or agl

Hey, Welcome to infinite flight! There are a lot of tutorial on YT based on this game. I recommend this video, that can maybe help you. That’s how I learn to land.

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