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Good evening/morning, to all my fellow pilots and controllers. I am creating this post to share my procedure to go from air-bourne to pavement on the training servers. After takeoff, I’ll set altitude to about 20,000 ft. to 25,000 ft. (Anything over 30,000 just takes too long to come down from.) If the airport is busy, I’ll circle around until I reach about 10,000 to 8,000 ft. Then I will request my Approach to the controller (Preferably ILS or GPS), once I reach final and have been cleared to land I’ll maintain 2,500 to 2,000 ft. My airspeed will be lowered to 160 or 150 (via AP), for large aircraft and 140 below for smaller aircraft’s. Just before I land I’ll shut off the auto pilot and reduce throttle to 0%. At this time, the aircraft touches down and I apply the brakes.

I’m sure my methods will definitely need to change once I reach the Expert Servers, but this is how I have dealt with my previous 50 landings in which only a select few have failed. I would love to hear on what you think I could improve on, Thanks!

United 838, frequency changed approved. Good, day.


I’ve seen people say to use 70-80% N1 reverse thrust & no parking brakes on landing (idk about rudder brakes)

I can use reverse thrust, but it just puts me at a dead stop long before I have to taxi off. I save it for emergency scenarios. I’ll use parking brakes if theres 40+ kts winds but thats all.

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70-80% N1 reverse thrust until 70 knots, then rudder brakes to slow down to taxi speed.

You fly faster at higher altitudes than you do cruising at FL250 for the duration of the flight.

When you reach expert, you’ll find that our approach controllers (when active) will need you to be on their frequency long before this. The airspace of a radar facility is 50 NM and FL180 and below; thus, a recommended contact altitude is around 14000 AAL.

Secondly, don’t ask for GPS, as these approaches have been removed following the 19.4 update. If your destination airport is ILS-equipped, you may request ILS. Otherwise, expect a visual or radar vectors.

Looking forward to seeing you on expert soon!


I prefer ILS approaches anyways, I forgot to mention that I’m a little OCD I’ll usually contact Approach way long before I have too. I mentioned I would go around if the airport is busy. I should’ve specified as severely busy wish at least 10 aircraft’s looking too land. I’ll usually be about FL100 by the time I contact Approach 30 to 40 NM out. I appreciate your input though.It’ll help out greatly.

I apologize for the late reply, I was in the middle of landing. Passengers come first lol.

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I just use the Current cruise altitude I intend to be at divided by (1000) multiplied by (3) to tell me how many NMs out I need to start my decent and it’s never failed me.

30000/1000= 30 x 3= 90NM out from destination. Then take your ground speed and divide it by 2, to get your vertical speed

520 divided by 2 gives you a VS of 2600.

Good luck

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You sir, are a true genius.

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Lol, I wish. I found that gem in the tutorials one day and have used it ever since.

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Welcome to the community @Legion6! Shoot a mod or one of us a message if you have any questions!

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