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Everybody hello. Really amazing ! I liked it. 2 days, I made a free flight. I bought a subscription for the online flight yesterday. Everything looks great. But, there are some problems. I’m going on an online flight. I set my course. I am navigating a piste with the ILS system. I’m talking to Atc and getting ready for take off. Everything is normal here. After taking off, the plane does not follow the route. I use it manually. There are those who use it automatically. I watched on Youtube. The aircraft automatically follows the route. Most important; He can not align the runway for landing. It does not automatically descend towards the piste. ILS is on the bottom right of the screen. I still have to check the flight. Please help me. I’m new among you. I have previously flown live on the microsoft flight simulator. It was a little different there. The ILS system is different here. No details. Thank you for your help now.

My Phone: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Android 7+
My Call Sign: N183RT


It may be because on YouTube, you cannot see the buttons and such which the players are tapping, therefore giving the illusion that it’s automatic. It is in fact, not. You must make the turns automatically, but in global, which is an update coming soon, the autopilot will do it for you.

As for the approach, you must use a plane which has APPR in it. These planes include the A320 family, 737-700BBJ, 777 family and the 787 family. Once you are on the glidescope, simply press the APPR button and it will automatically make the adjustments for you. Do not start the APPR button if you are too high above or below the glidescope, as it will rapidly pitch up/down, possible causing violations or stall.

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Hi. This isn’t a support issue, but a user error. :)

That the aircraft automatically follows the route is a mode called LNAV (Lateral Navigation). IF doesn’t support this yet, but it will come when global is released. Right now we have HDG mode, where the aircraft will follow a specific heading.

The automatic descent is something called APPR mode. Some aircraft have it, but I think (?) all of them are paid. :)


Well first of welcome to the community. and could you please provide screenshot to at least have an idea on what your issue could be.

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Maybe this will help


If you have Live Connect then the LNAV works

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But that is another issue, and isn’t natively supported in IF. Letting him know about that will only confuse him more. Keep it basic.

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No. My English is a little bad. I may not be able to tell my problem. That’s exactly the problem. Does not the plane follow the route I set? I have to give direction. Is it correct ?
Is the ILS system not working? So the plane is not aligning with the automatic track. It does not automatically descend. Do I have to do this manually?

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That is correct. Although it says which headings you have to follow. As I said, LNAV (that the plane follows the route) will come in a future update).

It is working, look at the tutorial @Gavrilo posted and you will understand more. You have to fly it manually


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You set up your autopilot, however for it to follow the flight plan you have to turn the headings manually. A message should appear when you need to turn “Next WPT: XXXX fly heading XXX” on reguards to the descend you have to do that manually too. Enjoy your time here!


Hi and Welcome to the community and world of Infinite Flight!

When you set your flight plan your aircraft does not automatically follow the route (LNAV is not yet available but will be after release of global) so you will have to change the heading on your auto-pilot to follow the route.

Similar with the ILS, you will have to manually fly that ILS though some aircraft do have an Auto-land feature which replicates CATIII auto-land. check out the tutorial section on this community as lots of great info on how to make your flight great as well as understands some of the ATC instructions which you will come across in Live.

happy landings and see you in the virtual skies!


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Currently, You have to use manual controls (Set the HDG to the designated waypoints) using the Autopilot (A/P) in order to turn your aircraft. However after Global comes out, there will be a feature called “LNAV” which would guide you to the designated waypoint automatically. I hope this helps and enjoy your stay here 😊

Tip : Ensure that you can set lower speed while turning and it would be suggested to turn earlier so you won’t overshoot the waypoint ❤

For the Autoland feature, you can refer to @Gavrilo or @David_Lockwood 's posts 😉


OK. With a future update, the plane will follow the route. I understand that. Please see this video. Turn on the 50th minute, it seems like it automatically descends. I can not do that. I go down manually. The plane falls without coming to the track :(

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Thank you all for your interest. This is really awesome. You are very interested. As far as I can tell, the ILS system is not working right now. There’s some approach to approaching private planes. (APPR) I have to buy this. So I will fly the plane manually. Approach and landing will be manual. Then I have bad news for you. I will fly to the ground! :D I’m sorry.

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OK. The aircraft does not follow the route automatically. I understand that. This will come with the new update.

I have to buy it from the aircraft with the APPR feature. For automatic approach and descent. Is it correct ?

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I see your problem. At around 50:00, he calibrated his device before he disengages the A/P. So the aircraft won’t drastically dive

Tip : Try to use 40% Trim at 787 when calibrating your device before disengaging A/P . So the aircraft will be more stable and not nosediving

And yes, at the moment Auto Approach (APPR) is only available for these aircrafts


  • B777-200ER
  • B777-200LR
  • B777-300ER
  • B777-200F
  • B787-8
  • B787-9
  • B787-10
  • A320
  • A319
  • A318
  • B737BBJ


  • A321

However, the future LNAV feature will appear on every aircrafts using Autopilot in the simulator (*). So this means it would include existing aircrafts even without this APPR Feature

(*) = Please Correct me if I’m wrong


Thank you, my friend. You are all wonderful. This forum is really good. You are very interested. Now I’m going to fly the plane! :D If you see a person diving down to the right; It is probably me! :))


You are welcome, We are happy to help each others as a family in here 😊

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Thank you, all!