Approach and Landing @ Zvartnos Int. (Erevan, Armenia)

I recently stumbled upon an airport to visit suggestion list brought up by @Charlieab29. I had no special idea of where to fly at the moment, more interested in making some noise with friends fast jets.

However I really wanted to get back on my series of approach and landing timelapses. I saw this list as an opportunity to restart.

Ural airlines, as I saw in FR24, has a scenic flight that overflies the black sea and offers a top choice view of the mountainous landscape. However I couldn’t guess what the approach looked like and I’ll let you discover like I did in my flight.

Note that this is not the conventional approach, I went for the rwy 27 but winds shifted during my so I offered myself a turn above Erevan :p

ps : a lot of my videos aren’t on the ifc yet, expect to see them around soon or be free to check them on my channel :^)


Awesome video. Very pleased you decided to take on the suggestion and discover the beauty of Armenia. Yerevan honestly is one of my favourite airports in the world and soon I plan to do some of the Armavia routes from there which they operated before they shut down. Glad you liked the approach though, hopefully this video will inspire more people to try it out


Very cool! Nice job! Keep making these.

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Honestly that would be a nice result. If at least one virtual pilot goes and fly there it would be amazing!

Already on the second one at La Paz Bolivia, let’s just say landing at 13’000ft wasn’t easy…

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What did you use to make the video?

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Samsung screen recorder to get the device sound and Power Director for the timelapse.

By the way, the acceleration available isn’t enough so I do a project, cut out the timelapse and copy the project. Then I take the cut part, accelerate it alone in the project(2) and then insert it in the initial video.