Approach and Departure

Ok, so when I watch the ATC tutorials they have a variety of commands like “airport is outside coverage area”, “requested runway is closed”, “clear for gps approach”, etc. I’m guessing they got taken out in a more recent update but why? I am constantly finding myself in situations that these commands would be useful.

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Those are all still there watch the tutorials again to find them.


Some of those items are still there, you just have to look. Outside of coverage area is a common one.


Outside of coverage area in under “expect vectors” or something of that nature. Check out the misc messages tab and the broadcast tab


“Outside of Coverage Area”:

Expect vectors for… --> Unable (Outside of coverage area)

“Requested Runway is Closed”:

Expect vectors for… --> Radar vectors (ICAO flight strip)

“Clear for GPS Approach”:

First: Expect vectors for… --> GPS Approach (ICAO flight strip)

Second: Clear for approach (available on pop-up menu)

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And now I feel like an idiot lol!

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