Approach and departure by Waypoint

Here’s a routing KJFK-KLAX with the waypoints for the RIIVR3 STAR-unfortunately the ANJLL2 and HLYWD1 RNAV waypoints don’t exist in IF (yet) so I had to improvise on the route to transition to the RIIVR3 STAR instead of the real world ANJLL2.

I mean the thing is it looks like a huge detour from his original route

Gotta ask where he was coming from-many routes dump off onto a STAR like that for traffic spacing.

Trio-where’d you fly from going to LAX?

KSAN. I got the FPL from Foreflight’s recomended routes. I thought it was a little uncessary but whatever.


But you don’t go to GOATZ if you’re already at SLI

It told me to go to SLI then turn left to GOATZ. Then do the GOATZ arrival. Why, I don’t know.


SLI is the penultimate waypoint on the GOATZ arrival. So basically, you flew to the second-to-last point of the STAR, then flew all the way back to the start of the STAR direct and started over.

Those STARs on the route advisor don’t always have the transition/entry point and you have to do that after loading it in. There are actually some special procedures for that route as well (SANN4R). I wouldn’t just blindly plug that in and go.

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Oh okay, good to know. Always learning. :)

Just one brief illustration for this particular route:

They actually fly this special procedure (this is slightly outdated, but the concept is the same):

It’s actually mostly the departure from KSAN, now CWARD2, that they fly to SLI:

If you look at the route in FlightAware, that’s typically a good start. This route is a little different with the special procedure listed instead of the route, but you can go from there.

[It’s a lot more straight forward when the airports are farther apart. This is kind of a special case.]

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So I’m assuming you could use GOATZ ONE if were coming from Santa Catalina or Hawaii? I’m not going to guess.

Edit: Never mind, I think I found the answer.

That’s the real world route-there may be vectors in somewhere. But you flew it correctly-the best way to check is using Flightradar24 to playback a KSAN-KLAX flight and see how they flew it in real life

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At any rate-it’s nice to see folks flying real world SID/STAR procedures and paying a bit more attention to details!

To be honest I’m really glad I found this post. I really only understand SIDs, but not STARs


Same principle in reverse-where a SID gets you to the “exit” point of an airport’s airspace-a STAR will funnel aircraft from their cruising altitudes into an entry point for either vectors or a transition with altitude/speed restrictions. Couple to check out-LENDY6 JFK-that’s a vectors only SID-but it funnels eastbound aircraft to one waypoint. Another to check out is the ROBUC3 BOS-that is a three pager! Starts from the southeast of JFK, flows thru with descents and depending on the runway in use will transition aircraft onto a final point where they can intercept the ILS.


Hahaha never mind, just planned my STAR into EDDF right now XD

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I did it! Woohoo lol.

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