Approach and Arrival LNAVs Do Not line Up With Runways

At some airports why does the approach chart not aline with the runway you are trying to land at?

Aren’t you supposed to land your plane? If ILS, approach using STAR, then set ILS frequency to NAV1 then proceed onto the landing…

I’m not quite sure what the issue is here exactly… Please enlighten us with a screenshot.

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Yeah, the LNAV ends just before the runway but off track. It’s always on NAV1… I believe.

The STAR does its best to get you in a good position to proceed on with the landing yourself. The APPR/ILS is what will get you perfectly lined up with the runway when landing, not the STAR.


OI’m using the 20.1 approach and arrival charts.

Also another thing to note is that not all the procedures are 100% accurate.

What airport are you at?

And which arrival and approach are you using?

YSSY, using the BEROW, East approach/arrival to runway 34L 777-200ER.

BEROW isn’t an arrival or an approach name at YSSY. Can you send a pic of your flight plan please?

That is BORE2A correct? You are supposed to get radar vectors to final after NASHO but since there may not be Air Traffic Control traffic you can just hook a left turn and make a standard intercept for runway 34L ILS or fly the GPS if you are doing that.

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