Thanks to the community for 14000 Operations…I Love to Serve as your ATC on All Servers


Uh no worries mate glad I could help :)


Are you an IFATC controller?

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Nah but hope to be when i get to grade 3…still grade 2…I do way more Operations than flying

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Wow, 14,000 is a lot of ops…

Thank you…too bad they don’t get XP…lmao…Means you have to love ATC on IF…when that Service is provided with quality ATC and Pilots at a busy airport with gusty winds at least G25kts

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I thought you had to be IFATC to see your ops?

I am probably wrong, but just asking.

no he probably contacted Tyler or something


You can contact the mods.

But: This is intended for those interested in pursuing acceptance to IFATC. It is not something they want to, nor should be expected to do, for every forum member just out of shear curiousity.

[Better yet, follow the procedures laid out in the IFATC recruitment thread, by contacting one recruiter about beginning the process and they will let you know if you qualify. It’s not meant for forum members comparing ops counts.]

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You can contact staff and they will supply you with that info when their time permits

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