Appreciation to Infinite Flight [Staff, Developers, Moderators,IFATC, IFAET, Community Members]


Hey there Infinite Flight Community,

I hope you are all doing well. It has been almost 4 years since I started playing Infinite Flight and almost a 3 years since I joined the IFC. I’m dedicating this topic to those individuals who have made my Infinite Flight career truly memorable and amazing. There are a quite a lot of people who have helped me or you in one way or another. I would like to appreciate the following people who have raised the bar for IF among other Flight Simulators. Not mentioning any names.

Staff - The Infinite Flight Staff have been around forever. This are the behind the scene individuals who do all the behind the scene works of IF. The IF staff are truly the backbone of Infinite Flight.

Developer - Starting with the first release in 2012 of the Super Decathlon and the upcoming anticipated A350, the IF devs, as we lovingly call them, have developed all the aircrafts that we fly in Infinite Flight today. They have created a multitude of various aircrafts along the way and have evolved into the development of live instruments. These special people have raised the bar for Infinite Flight and has made IF a fierce competitor in the Mobile Sim market slowly making its way into competing with PC simulators.

IFATC - The Infinite Flight Air Traffic Controllers, control our virtual sky day and night providing service to airports. With the release of Global, the IFATC has been highly recognized for controlling airport across the globe. Pilots can perform flights with near realism and accuracy with the help of IFATC. They receive most of the credit for improving the realism in Infinite Flight.

Moderators and Community Member - These people are those who make Infinite Flight what it is. The community members who are either curious novices or decorated pilots (and everything in between), play Infinite Flight. Some play it for passion, others for relaxation. The Infinite Flight Community Moderators as recently stated in the blog by @jasonrosewell is what manages the whole community. They guide and set frameworks for discussions to take place.

There are a lot more people who are involved in the various elements of Infinite Flight such as The Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team (IFAE). But these are some of the people who I think should be appreciated for what they contributed to IFC.

Over and Out,


@CapA. MaxSez… What a nice time consuming gesture & recapitulation of the IF known and unknown. Your efforts are to be commended… You can now put away your emotional attachment to all thing IF and concentrate on Flying, Hour/XP building and get a leg up on advancement to Grade 4/5. Best of Luck, MaxSends

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Thank you @Maxmustang for such an heart warming comment, I will surely follow your advice and advance to Grade 4, I’m currently flying to Phuket.

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