Appreciation post for the EGLL-LSZH Flash Flight

I just wanted to publicly say, that in defiance of all expectations, with a hub as notorious as EGLL, when everyone predicted chaos to varying extents, the recent Flash Flight from Heathrow to Zurich went down so incredibly smoothly.

It was my first ever Flash Flight and it was a blast! Thanks in particular to Misha for organising this, and a special and resounding round of applause for all the IFATC controllers (especially @Trio who gave us a nice moment of fun by asking Misha to follow instructions…) who got all of us safely through the skies with no hitches. And of course, to everyone who attended and made it look so great!

I can’t wait to do something like this again!

(This also kinda restored my faith in the Expert Server lol)


Misha in denial, but we all know what went down. You the real MVP, Trio.

Image credit to @Levi.TT


Misha made a mistake? 😳


Just like everybody else in the world.

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The controller probably did it out of opportunism


I don’t look at display names when controlling, you’re all equal.


Even Laura, your co-founder of the app received PFI’s before 😂


I second that! I am in the process of becoming a full member of IFATC team to share my appreciation for all they do. That’s what make IF unique compared to other flight simulator games out there👏👏👏

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Imagine that Misha gets reported…

This post was made by the staff gang


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