Appreciation for IFATC

Today VRMM is very busy in the expert server. With only 1 runway and no parallel taxiways the timing of the controllers should be pinpoint to avoid go arounds and increase in delays.

IFATC has proven again that they are amazing at what they do! The service today at VRMM was astounding! Kudos to them.

For pilots, please be patient and expedite movements on the runway to ensure that everything goes accordingly and smoothly. My flight from New Delhi to Malé was awesome today. The ATC service was the cherry on top of the cake.

Dear IFATC Controllers, You are very appreciated and without you guys, the expert server would be very boring and a pile of mess. <3

If you want to, you may utilise this topic to show appreciation for the IFATC controllers. The year is ending and you may share some great interactions you had with the IFATC controller as well.

I am currently in the process of joining IFATC amd I can’t wait to join this awesome team


Yeah. I was flying into VRMM and there were some pilots who weren’t expediting the back taxi or departure.

Anyways, fully agree! I think IFATC did a great job at VRMM!


Indeed. I had to go around 2 times as a pilot was taking their time on the runway. But hey! The scenic coral island view made up for it. :)


It appears to be such a challenge to control and co-ordinate at this airport due to its layout and high traffic volume. Kudos to all controllers that helped to provide todays awesome service !

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Yeah. This is my home Airport so I’m very familiar with this. The delay index is very high normally on Sunday’s here. Nonetheless, there’s delays everyday which can’t be mitigated until the new runway comes into action.

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So IFATC is very important in expert server:)

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There are a handful of people who dislikes IFATC, which I presume are the rulebreakers so they are just salty. Nonetheless, without IFATC the expert server would be a mess like the training/casual server with little to no realism.

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Thanks, thanks for being the pilots in expert server!

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