Appreciate the help :)

What callsign is the 747 bbj?

I don’t think the 747BBJ has a specific callsign. If anything it’d use it’s registration or whatever airline it’s operating for followed by a number.

The calling for any corporate jet is usually it’s registration for example N234LR is the call sign if that was what the registration was but some companies like to hide their registration so they use .com or executive

I believe it’s just “Boeing XXXX”

The “XXXX” refers to the numbers on the N-registered aircraft. Say for example you have N1234, then your call sign would be “Boeing 1234”, and so forth.

Or you could just run your N-register GA style 🤷‍♂️

Thank you all appreciate it

You could also use the Qatar Amiri Flight (subsidiary of Qatar Airways) BBJ and use “Amiri”

Uh here’s one for you what if it’s ends in letters 😅

What if it’s just letters no numbers

Usually dot com

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