APPR x Auto Pilot

I particularly use the 737 more than the A320 comparing the 737 with the A320 we know that the A320 has APPR, so I wanted to know the difference of the APPR and Auto Pilot !!

APPR: Auto-land (with ILS or GPS approaches)
NAV: LNAV (automatically takes you to each waypoint in your flight plan)
AP: Regular autopilot, must be on for the use of APPR or NAV. Must also be on to set the heading, altitude, and speed.


In other words:

  • APPR lets your plane land automatically on ILS and GPS
  • NAV lets your plane follow your flightplan automatically (only heading, not altitude)
  • AP is the general Autopilot including Speed, V/S, …

You forgot to put a “L” in front of “NAV” :) (there’s also VNAV)


True. But it’s only shown als NAV in Infinite Flight (the button says APPR/NAV). That’s why I used that term.


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Can not I get my doubts in the infinite flight community,by what I know the community was created to interact and take questions to share moments and etc … And that’s what I’m doing!🤔

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