APPR with steep approaches

I was on approach into Chambery Aix- Les bains (LFLB) in a 738. Everything looked fine I was avoiding all the terrain, it was when I engaged the APPR it all started to go wrong. I know Chambery has a steeper than usual glideslope at 4.46° so I took this into account. I was wondering wether APPR can only be used on approaches with a normal glideslope angle. Can someone please clarify.

Thanks, Jacob


I’m guessing that since your glideslope angle is more than 3°, you’re facing trouble as it’s not a standard ILS approach.


Autoland is only functional on standard 3degrees glide slopes, you can always experiment 😉


Doesn’t work at EGLC either which is 5.5° slope. I believe in real life the autopilot can’t handle a steep glideslope and have to be flown manual. I love flying into Chambery in IF. Do you do the proper 36 approach?

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You’ll have to tell me what that is. 👍🏻

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I do not know, but what I can tell you is that it is more fun to do the Final Approach and manual landing than with the APPR

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Technically Chambery isn’t a steep approach. However, most autopilots will fly a steep approach but auto land isn’t usually certified for approaches above 3.5 degrees.

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Yes, i like manuel approach more too

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