APPR Visibility

IRL - What visibility do you land using APPR?

Whatever the approach plate says and what category of aircraft I’m using.


There are different ILS catagories. Some don’t lend themselves to poor visibility landings. The decision height is different for each type. I don’t know much about it but I would imagine smaller airlields do not have the ILS capabilities of larger airports. It will be cost for sure. CAT III C can land in anything I believe but don’t quote me on that

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Hi Michael, hows it going?
At my home airport I believe we can’t have CAT III due to the minimum distances required, would involve knocking down a school and a listed building. 😊

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CAT IIIB No DH at LHR is a decision height of 0 and visibility minima of 75m.

Trust me it’s pretty nerve wracking at 150kts and 200 tonnes!!!


Use the ILS. It’s smoother than the APPR and can be accessed by all planes.

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