APPR Update 19.2

Incorrect. They made it a smoother transition for intercepting the glide slope.

English version - Less up and down motion after activating it.


Yea, but the general use of it and setting it on hasn’t changed.

The way appr works now is that it will maintain the heading and altitude set until it intercepts the localizer and glide-slope.

So if you engage APPR and your alt setting is descending to 3000 the aircraft will maintain the heading and will continue the descent to 3000 and stop. When the aircraft starts intercepting the glide-slope it will then start descending again. Make sure you are under the glide slope or else the APPR won’t descend.


That is correct, it still functions almost exactly the same (except for the improvement I mentioned).

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So if am over the Glide Slope, then it will just continue without decending?

The APPR I believe will try to get it on the GS.

If you are under the glide-slope it will maintain altitude until you intercept the glide-slope then start descending with it all the way down.

Ah okay. Thanks for the help, i will try to give it a test 😄

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One other thing I’d like to add and you can let me know if this had been mentioned or not but make sure that your runway thingy you can find it on the HUD it looks like this

( I don’t know what it is called) is set to the right runway I’ve had from personal experience engaged the APPR and the plane had veered to another runway and have gotten violations from it so just be careful in engaging it

You can lock the APPR on the runway you want to land on. If so, the plane will intercept the right glideslope when using APPR. It will show a star on the right side of it. Personally I always lock it, just to make sure I’m on the glideslope. Even when I’m not using APPR

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What do you mean by locking the glide slope🤔?

I think he means selecting the runway from the drop down list.

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Improvement on APPR are as follows. It acts the same as far as selecting the ILS and how it flys after intercept so the APPR tutorial is great for that. What did change is how it behaves prior to intercept. So this is how you should set up now with APPR. This will be especially helpful when being guided by approach so that is the example we will use.

ATC: N435BT turn right heading 030 descend and maintain 3,000 maintain 3,000 until established on the localizer cleared runway 36 ILS approach

Once that transmission is sent you can now select the heading and altitude cleared too as well as select the ILS approach and arm APPR. This will now maintain your heading until established on the localizer, then also maintain the selected altitude until you capture the glide slope. One other handy function I had added is you can now set up your AP for a missed approach. So set runway heading and an altitude to climb too. When needed de select APPR and you will not disengage the AP completely.

Any questions feel free to ask.


This is the most significant change from what people may be used to. I think a lot used to use it for part then disengage near touchdown.

It’s now set up for missed approach so if you’ve been disengaging at the last minute and expecting to maintain your trajectory, now it will take you on the missed Approach trajectory.

It caught me the first time, I know. I disengaged and forgot about the change and almost stalled out.

(And if I’m not mistaken, you must have at least V/S set for it to engage. That may have changed along the way though.)

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Thanks for the clarification guys.

Don’t have the update yet, so was wondering if there’s still a way to keep APPR engaged for part of the approach before disengaging to land manually?

Is there a way to disengage APPR without the AP coming on?

Okay, so I just tested a few scenarios to make sure.

You do indeed have to have a V/S set to engage APPR.

You then have one of two choices:

  • Set the AP so that if you need to go around, disengaging APPR will then engage the missed Approach altitude.

  • Or, if you do want it to just disengage without any effect other than retaining manual control, once you’ve set your V/S (and/or ALT) and engaged APPR, you can then unclick Altitude and V/S. APPR will keep performing as it is, but if you disengage it prior to touchdown, it will simply hand manual control over without any other effects (i.e. the “old” way).


So with the V/S engaged, do you have to set it on ( exampel) like -800? Or can it be on -0?

As long as it’s lit up (ringed in orange) then it’s fine. 0 works, and 2000 works.

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What do you mean by “covering” the things you said?

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