APPR trouble

My approach mode tends to dive and rise quit a bit on final and then it will throw my down on the runway really hard. Does anyone know what is going on?

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What aircraft are you flying? Happens on multiple a/c?

It mostly happens on the A319, A320, and 737.

Try and be as smooth and gradual with your speed changes and smooth and gradual with extending your flaps


He’s right, when you change your speed suddenly the aircraft will start doing what you described earlier.

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Should I go to my landing speed before I turn on APPR?

There are a lot of variables that go into this. Plane, weight, winds, distance out, speed, flaps.

For example, how far out are you when you enable APPR?

The bobbing up and down could indicate you are too fast or too slow. If it was right after a speed change then it is expected until the plane stabilizes again.

If you can do a screen record of your landing with “show touches” on that may help. Otherwise you are going to get a wide range of similar responses with nothing to really base it on.


Not necessarily, but you have to slow down gradually. Don’t go from 180kts all the way down to 145kts in one take without adjusting flaps accordingly.


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