APPR trouble Boeing 737-800

Out of curiosity, what’s wrong with manually landing?


It’s not that hard but if ur tooo high it gets tricky

You shouldn’t ever be too high which is probably what the issue is here.

You still need to descend to the glide slope to execute the landing, manual or APPR.


So how do I know what altitude I have to be at

Each airfield has its elevation height… simply add 1500 for larger aircraft and 1000 for GA. Simples.

This should put you at the pattern altitude which is accurate enough.

Using the glideslope indicator on the HUD. See here;

With the APPR I didn’t realise it wasn’t working until I was a bit to high so I should have gone around but I didn’t

Thanks for your help

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Did you have a V/S set? You need to have one set now, I believe.


The single biggest issue here.

I always be lined up with RWY by the beginning of the ILS diagram how far out is that from the RWY

That’s not relevant in this situation. Here’s the part you need to worry about:

Glide Slope
The G/S will provide your vertical guidance all the way down to the runway. It works straight forward.

The G/S indications are on the right side of your screen next to your altitude indicator. You will see 2 dots, one line and 2 more dots. Also there is a green triangle but at the moment it is up in the screen as we are way below the G/S. It works straight forward. If the triangle is above the line you are below the G/S, if the triangle is below the line you are above the G/S and you will need to increase your rate of descent to capture it back.

Here you can see that the green triangle is just below the green line, this means we are more or less correct.
Remember: The closer you get to the runway the more accurate the indications will be for both LOC + G/S. Therefore don’t start chasing them on short final.

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If I’m lined up on a RWY that has the white instead of red approach then will APPR still work

Yes it will. Please read that tutorial and it will answer many of your questions.

I’ll see how I go on my next flight

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Wait, really? If you’re being honest, then I’ve been doing things inefficiently for months now…

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What does the purple bar indicate at the side ?

It indicates how fast your climbing/descending

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All sorted had a safe arrival thanks for your support


Thanks all these years been doing it wrong