APPR Too high on approach

Whenever I apply APPR and set the correct runway at the correct height according to the Glide Slope, the APPR always sets itself above the recommended glide slope. Can anyone help me with this?

Does it sort itself out by the time you touch down?

I have noticed that the APPR does start too high sometimes, but usually only if I have turned it on a little far out from the airport. If you come in at 2500 or 3000 AGL, begin the descent as you meet the glideslope and then activate it, I tend to find it works OK. Obviously not at airports like EGLC though, which have a steeper glideslope than the system can cope with.

I’ll take your advice for coming in at 3000 AGL then meet the glideslope. I’m fairly new to using APPR and usually just land manually. Thanks for the information. And it sometimes sorts itself out by the time I touch.

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