APPR system

Hello guys how’s everyone doing?
It’s my first topic here

I have a problem with my APPR system and I need to know more about I guess I’m doing something wrong,

So after I choose a specific ILS runway and press APPR, in some airports it works perfectly, but in some airports it just overshoots the runway and fly a bit high,
Is there a solution for that?

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I guess you always double check you have selected the correct runway so we will skip that.

Your approach speed needs to be managed by you, so slowing down enough for the system to follow the approach path is something to remember.

Also when you engage APPR, do you ensure you’re on the glide slope?

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Make sure that you also are in the high of the gilde slope so that your airplane wont fly high or low until it get established. Be sure that you clicked the correct ILS or GPS approach,which it under the alltidute calculator

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This will get you started and should answer a few of your questions. Please utilize the search function for similar or relevant topics moving forward. Thanks!