APPR struggles

How does APPR work when you want to auto-land on a specific runway? In fact, in the 717 APPR wasn’t available, which made me curious. I did watch an IF video about this, but I found that too hard to understand haha.

My landings would be a lot better if I knew how this worksXD

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More context, please?

You have to be within 30° of the runway heading and below the glide slope. So roughly 3000ft AGL.
Here’s the tutorial as well


Oh. Do you know why it’s not on the 717?;)

Because not every aircraft has APPR all the old model aircraft don’t have that feature but as aircraft are fully reworked they will get that APPR feature 🙂

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Gotcha…I knew that was why, had to make sure:)

Please. I’m not sure why you need more context…hahahXD

I think you have to follow stuff in the hud view

Please read the tutorial. APPR/AutoLand feature does what it says. It can autoland your plane and guide you in for the perfect approach. It has limitations. But no all planes have the APPR feature yet.

I understand. Sorry for being overly dorky haha:))

What i last said wasn’t directed at you👍
no need for much more discussion as the OP received their answer

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Oh oh awesome XD