APPR small help

Hi guys,
I saw the APPR tutorial a lot of time ago.
So I did everything correct, but just before the glidescope is in line with the arrow, it pitches up and gets above the glidescope,then it pitches down to catch the glidescope and it doesn’t stay stable,for a temporary solution I just set the Vertical Speed to stay a bit beneath the glidescope, but I don’t feel like it is correct. Can I know if this is a common problem or am I doing something wrong ?


Sometimes there are some glitches with the APPR mode. It is common for me, that is why I dont use APPR

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Usually, what I do is check airport charts to show me how high I need to be at a certain waypoint and I descend to that height before reaching that particular waypoint then maintain the altitude until the loc captures me.
If you need any assistance on how to read an airport approach chart, message me and I can link you a topic or message you about it.


Thanks, from now on I’ll read charts. Thanks for the advise


That is absolutely correct. In fact, you can even fly level to meet the glide slope with APPR engaged, which is what I would suggest.

The tutorial was made before some recent adjustments to APPR. Now it behaves more as you would expect. You can be below (not above, however) the glide slope, on an intercept heading for the localizer and engage it. It will catch the localizer, then when it meets the glide slope begin its descent.


Thanks for your help! How can I close this topic ?

You can’t, but I’m sure a moderator will when they get a chance.

Ok, thanks