APPR question

Will an aircraft not equipped with APPR still allow you to tune into an ILS frequency, or at least have some sort of visual cue for LOC and glideslope? I want to use a B747-8i for the first time, but not sure if I’ll be able to land it…

I know there is a visual aid for approaches as a setting but I’d rather avoid its unappealing appearance.

Yeah you can still tune into the ILS the glideslope will appear how it looks with appr even though there is no appr

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Yes, you can still tune into an ILS frequency regardless

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Yes you can!

This is a screenshot to illustrate it better:

I’m in a 747-8 flying an ILS approach into LFPG.

The lower circle with the line/arrow depicts the localiser path, and the little diamond/dot on the right near the altitude depicts the glideslope.

Just keep them both centered all the way down, and voila, you’ve hand-flown an ILS approach!

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You can also use LNAV with ILS to get your localiser but unfortunately you cannot do such a thing for the glideslope. Unfortunately LNAV isn’t very accurate with the ILS but it does the trick!

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