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I was flying today and I tried to use APPR. Everything was fine in the flight until I switched on autoland. I was wondering how does it work?

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Here’s a great tutorial for ya, made by IF themselves: Autoland (APPR) Tutorial - YouTube

Ideally though, you want to activate it within 30-degrees of the extended cone, and while you’re just slightly above the glideslope, at no more than 200kts.


I recommend you to watch this tutorial:

Hope this helps!

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The ’ APPmode is used to capture the a radial in a non precision approach (VOR or NDB) and to capture both the localiser and glide slope in a precision approach (ILS). The approach mode is normally selected when you are less than 90 degrees from the final approach course.
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Select Runway of choice at destination

Set that runway to ’ NAV 1 ’

When approaching the start of the ILS cone, I like to turn of LNAV, line myself up with runway manually ( leaving speed and altitude autopilot on though)

Change the source from GPS to NAV 1, in the NAV options

Go back to autopilot, select APPR

All done, your aircraft should land all on its own !

( I have tried to simplify this into some easier terminology as it could help 😁 )

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i would recommend to 0) WATCH THAT VIDEO

  1. ensure HDG is activated
  2. disable LNAV
    2.5) maybe disable VNAV if you’re already at intercept altitude and/or dont have any more altitudes filed
  3. switch to nav1 source, manually select HDG, approach the localizer with a difference of more than 30 degrees and engage APPR as you get close to the localizer.

Airplane can receive ILS signals way before the cone (thus more than 11 nm out), so here’s the key to find the altitude you need to be at when capturing the LOC and intercepting the GS with conversions built in: trig

tan(GS angle, usually 3 degrees) = h / 6077x, where h = height AAL in ft, x = horizontal distance from RWY threshold in nm

tan(3deg) = h/6077x
LOC = localizer, GS = glideslope
AAL = above aerodrome level
always intercept LOC before GS → ex) “maintain 3500 till established on LOC” → must intercept LOC before ~11 nm from RWY, otherwise you’ll be above GS and nothing will work well.
oh and be below 200 kts groundspeed

Use this

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