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Hey y’all, I have a quick question. I was flying from SFO to PHNL flying a 787-9. I was on final and activated my APPR and I believe it said there was too much weight to activate. Needless to say, after a 5 hr flight, it ended badly. I panicked and I’m very bummed out and a little disappointed. Can anybody help me out with this? I think it’s because I’ve been carrying too much fuel for the longer hauls I’ve been attempting. What are some guidelines for how much fuel I need? I’m pretty new to this and don’t want to feel discouraged from trying this again. Just trying to get everything right.

Hello, you need to be below MLW (maximum landing weight) to use APPR.

It changes from aircraft to aircraft. The easiest way to check is if you view the “load” in the hud menu on the bottom of the screen. If it is yellow or red, you are above MLW and it will not work. If it is a white color, you are below MLW and it will work.

When flight planning, the easiest way to choose an appropriate weight is to open the weight and balance screen. Set your fuel to a lower value like 2-4 hours. Then adjust your pax and cargo weight so the load measure stays green while you are still at 2-4 hours of fuel. Then load the fuel and start the flight.

You can manually land the aircraft above MLW, the game doesn’t penalize you in any way; you just can’t use APPR. If you are above MLW, you can consider using a fuel dump. Some aircraft can do this, some can’t.


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I still need practice landing manually. I’ve only recently (past 2 or 3 flights) using the APPR. This time however, I just panicked and botched the whole thing. It’s pretty embarrassing to be honest. I think I was relying on the APPR too much.

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Thank you for the clear and direct answer. I really appreciate the help!


You should really practice manual a lot. Real world pilots use it more than the auto land. It is also really easy to get the hang of.

If you are having issues with manually landing, some tricks are to play around with the sensitivity settings for the controls. I also suggest using AGL on the bottom menu bar, it is really useful for timing flares.

Safe flying! :)


Agree with @Reedgreat. Check to make sure your planned LGW is under MLW during your preflight planning, otherwise, go for the manual land for sure. Isn’t hard to do, correct, Good rule of thumb that I use is to fly the approach about 1-3 degrees nose up with a VS of -600 to -800 FPM. You should be getting the “50” GPWS callout over the numbers if the approach profile was flown right. Start to flare to “landing pitch attitude” (what my CFI calls it), which is about 3-5 degrees nose up pitch. At the “20” GPWS callout, reduce thrust to idle and hold the nose up. Let the plane do the rest. Sometimes the landing is nice, sometimes not, but usually it’s average (this is what most of us have ever felt if we’ve ever flown for travel or business - not terrible, right?). Every pilot you will talk to will say they don’t know their landing VS or where the FPI is on the HUD.

You just…land.


there was this request, purposely just to avoid what you’ve just experienced :

you can go there and find out their opinions on why this feature was unnecessary and then closed :)

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Second part of this puzzle is planning to have sufficent fuel. Below tutrorial is very good.

Additonally you can take fuel planning from, I also use the following to plan for my fuel, which always gives me sufficent fuel without being overladen on landing, no matter the length of flight:

(Distance of Flight / 450 kts) = Min fuel + 10% + 90 mins

example: LAX - JFK = 2598 NM (Distance)

2598 nm/450 kts = 5.77 (5hrs 46mins) = 346.2mins (5.77 x 60 to convert to mins)

346.2 +10% ( 34.62) = 380.82 mins

380.82mins + 90 mins = 470.82 mins

470.82 / 60 (to convert to hours) = 7.847 = 7hrs 51 mins

So load 7hrs 51mins of fuel before push back.

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Feel free to message me at any time. We can do some practice landings and I can give you a few pointers (:


@David_Fitt MaxSez: Bottom Line: If it’s got APPR it can Dump! Stop fiddling around do a reciprocal circuit, Dump or consider an Alternate manual Eyeball go. Never Quit. OhMy… Pilots in Command are decision makers!

On Fuel FltPlanning, Try the ball park method use “”! Extrapolate, more is better. Dump or Hand Fly Final If your overweight, “Never give up the ship”…


Don’t talk down to me like that. I asked for help and everybody except you was pretty open and cool. This is why I was apprehensive to ask anything.

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Very true!!! Thanks for the encouragemt!! I’ll check out that website to plan better for next time 😎✌️

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Thank you all for the information. In addition to the above, there are a number of tutorials that explore the advanced flying aspects such as weight, fuel planning, and APPR.