Appr problems

My APR does not work while flying online but flying solo with work no problem how can we fix this issue


The mode should not make a difference. Would you mind sharing more details to help us figure it out?


Hello, could you state which aircraft did you experience the problem?

It does it with the 737 900 and the Boeing 777sAnd some of the Airbus as well I don’t know what’s going on but the APP or just doesn’t work like it should

Could you describe what’s going wrong, or maybe send a replay?

Is it when it is descending because mine won’t descend into the airport but will fly to it it does it with the


However last I flew the B777-300 on the 11th of this month it worked no problem!

All of these flights were online

Hope this helps

It does it with the A330-300 too The airplanes just don’t land they just fly right over the airport If I want to land on the runway I have to manually do it myself auto land just doesn’t work

I am done with infinite flight I have too much problems with this app after my subscription is over that’s it I won’t be paying for another month another year nothing I’m just done with it

So it’s official all the planes that has a PPR does not work for me

I have to admit I’m getting to that point now because of other things aswell the auto land not working is frustrating because why have a feature In the game that doesn’t work properly I feel as if the quality of the updates have gone downhill!

Their seem to be far more complaints on the forum than before and the servers breaking down which considering the price of the subscription and the amount of time we have lost is annoying and i think it’s reasonable to expect the game to work properly!

APPR is great for me because it aligns me with the runway and then I turn it off on short final and land manually

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It does that for me but not the height however for some people it isn’t working at all so your lucky it works! 😀

It doesn’t work for the height for me as well but i just change the vs

That’s what I’m having to do at the moment it used to do the height aswell which was the only reason I used it because I’m nearly always to low or to high never bang on perfect which is frustrating so I used to just get the game to do it so I didn’t get frustrated!

Practice makes Perfect

@Clayton90 @Petraluke Woh guys, let’s calm down a bit, it’s a minor bug, there’s no need to ‘quit infinite flight.’ The staff will probably be working on it, in a bit, just be a tad more patient please.

I understand your frustrations but there’s no need to complain, just post the problem and let the staff get on to it. If you think about it, not a lot of simulators offer a community forum as active as this one, the problem will be resolved soon.

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Practice visual approach, trust me you’ll prefer the other.




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lol my bad, thanks

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Haha I’ve tried loads of visual landings and they always go a little wrong then I have the If assistant saying I’m to high for the threshold in a A320 when the runway is nearly 2 miles long!

Then don’t use If assistant, and practice. I promise it’ll be better