APPR-Problem on A320

I just flew A320 and wanted to Land in Solo at klax but i Head some Problems with Appr:it basically goes stalling.
Here soimage
Can somebody explain me why it is so?


i think your speed its too sloow for the approvhe and didi you use flaps.
specially when i m triying to land with the same airplane my speed its 140 or 135 to 130 .


APPR doesn’t configure the plane for you or hold speed like the AP does. The APPR function only serves to follow the localizer and glide slope. You still need to configure and put throttle into it to maintain speed.


There are many factors that could contribute to your constant stalling.

Are you using power?

Did you use flaps?

Maybe you were a little too far off the glide scope so the aircraft pulled up too hard?

Can you provide some more information? (I personally haven’t had an issue with the A320 approach function)

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i had Autopilot for: Speed (132 knts) ,hdg . then:
1)i pressed appr
2) a320 started climbing
3) Speed increased with Autopilot to low ,
4) a320 started stalling
that is it

Make sure you are following the glideslope, when you pressed APPR you were probably too low and so the plane ascended however your speed decreased causing a stall, in this case also keep your speed a bit higher at 150knots maybe until its properly engaged

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Please refer this guide How to use the new auto land function

And understand it.

thanks next time i will do so :
increase Speed up to 150 kts and after that press APPR

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yeah the best thing to do is to make sure before your following the glideslope but your problem also could have been avoided by having increased speed so try that!. no problem glad to help.

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When I click APPR the plane starts to ascend slowly even though the speed is fine

for me only on the 787-9

For me it happens on the a319

The problem happens for me on the 319 it just cannot find the LOC, it just sway back and forth like a drunk person. the Glidslope is fine however

Stay at about 2000ft and as soon S line up with the runaway using the map, it should then come up and you should have the correct runaway up on your HUD.

I mean the localiser is visible and works the APPR just over corrects when it tries to line up with it, which results in swaying back and forth L and R of the centreline


Yeah it does that, try to line up perfectly so it stays aligned before activating it. Other then that as long as it works not much I can say, it happens to me sometimes but I dont really care as I just try to line up better. Try that!

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Make sure you are lined up with the localizer and smack on with the glide slope. Work the throttle incrementally using A/P and extend flaps and gear as necessary. Remember you want a nose up attitude while on final, so make sure your speed doesn’t counteract against this.

I often get the same issue, where the ILS doesn’t quite lock and the plane will sway left to right

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It’s because you usually have it lined up but you are doing it when the plane is not actually lined up with the runaway, try manual landings and watch when you would usually activate APPR and soon after you need to turn to keep aligned. This is the likely reason for it, the swaying isn’t that bad in my opinion

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