APPR problem in A330

Is anyone having issues with the APPR mode in A330 ?
It happened to me twice i activate the APPR on this plane but I end up way above the runway knowing that I’m at the final approach altitude for the desired airport , i had to go around and do a manual landing twice now !


Could you possibly provide a video or the replay file for this? It will help us ascertain certain information and then we can provide assistance or report an issue to the devs if one is found.


I’m trying to download the video but it’s not supported by the website i did a screen recording

You can upload your screen recording to YouTube and share the link here or you can simply go to your logbook, find the flight where this occurred and share the replay file.

Hallo :-)

I had same problem yesterday. But take a look at this. It helped doing what people said here. I just took a spin in the A330 with APPR and its fine 😄

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It could just be the airport you are trying to land at, the computer probably thinks the airport elevation is higher than it actually is. Try landing at a different airport and see if it happens if so then try clearing the scenery cache by going into settings and scrolling down to the bottom of the first section and try landing at both airports again.

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Having issues in A320 and B738 and its since the release of 19.2


Just to make sure, are you two aware of the changes made to the APPR system? If not I recommend checking out this thread with some information provided in the new way to properly use it.


I had same problem @Jase_Toi but after i followed the thread, it all was fine 😄 ⬆️

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It’s the new APPR. It happens to me too.

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