APPR pitching up on short final

Successfully engaged APPR and on a stable approach course to the runway, with speed set, gear down, flaps 3 or 4, and most times around 4-6 nm out, the plane will suddenly pitch up and ruin my approach.
I recall previous posts about this but can’t remember if there was a solution in progress. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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Did you check your glideslope positioning before engaging the APPR mode? To the right side of the HUD, there should be an indicator (I believe it’s a green diamond). The perfect time to engage the APPR is when that indicator (the green diamond) is on the line, which shows your altitude. I have no idea, if I explained it clearly enough, but I hope I did :)

I tend to find this when you’re too slow. For Gear down flaps 3 , 150kias is usually good. And with flaps full you can go around 5-10kts slower. Hope that helps!

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Its not happening when I engage the APPR, its when I am on short final long after engaging it, and the approach is stable following a smooth descent at or below the glideslope and suddenly it pitches up. I cant find an explanation for this, it seems to be a bug.

Your ment to enable APPR just before you turn final so about 13nm out. Happens to the best of us though. You can disable it at about 1000ft agl to do the last bit to approch yourself.

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