APPR pitch up bug

Established on approach, hit appr, smoothly engages with no issues, then the plane suddenly pitches up when I add more flaps.

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Hi, I believe this is a known issue. Mainly on the A320 series. It will be fixed in future updates :)


You must only switch to the APPR mode when on final to the runway. This means you must have your flaps switched to full when entering the final stages of the approach (through my experience). Here is a guide on how to use the APPR.


Happened on the 737 too actually

The video contradicts what you said. It says appr can be engaged well before final

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Yeah. I switched to use the APPR differently before. While this is happening just don’t switch the flaps the next time. 👍

As Bravo_Charie mentioned, this might be an issue.

Airbus. 210 kts set flaps 1 at 1 dit above glide

You are not going to be at flaps full (or flaps 30) when intercepting the localizer. The APPR these days can intercept localizer and glide slope for you
One thing you can do is to try counteract the pitch up with trim immediately so the glideslop deviation doesn’t become too much.

I’ve used APPR mode to line up with the runway many times, and the issue of APPR ‘rocking back and forth’ is definitely a separate issue, mainly with the A320 family.

Take any other aircraft and you’ll find that adding flaps may slightly pitch the nose up (this is due to the fact of auto throttle waiting until the last second to add power) but overall it doesn’t have the same effect as it does on the A320 family.

As @AlphaSeven said, hopefully it will be fixed in the future.

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