APPR overshoots

Hello community. Whenever I enable APPR when the bar on the right with the arrow in the box, I disable altitude on A/P and allow APPR to do its thing, however it always shows on the bar to the right the arrow is above the box despite APPR being on causing me to disconnect it at the last second and manually land it. No matter what aircraft in in it always does it… Can anyone give advice to help stop this or tell me where I’m going wrong?

KLM 206

Which right arrow are you referring to? Also personally I disable Appr at around 1000ft. After which I switch to manual (except speed AP until 300ft) after which I manually land the plane. I mean you shouldn’t be using appr all the way till touchdown, I guess it helps only in gettin you on the localizer.

I just remembered it’s name, I’m talking about the glide Slope.

Steps for enabling APPR

  • Select the appropriate ILS frequency/ runway

  • Align the Aircraft with the localizer and glide slope

  • Configure for landing

  • Enable APPR


same. i only use the appr button just to help me line up. after which i disable it to do a manual landing.

(coz i love hearing my passengers clap when I do a soft landing)

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So you are saying thag APPR always gets you low?

Well hello fellow IFAssistant user.

In my opinion, I don’t recommend using APPR as I would have the same issues as you. Aim to be between 2500ft - 3000ft AGL when you are 12nm away. If you’re too high above the glidescope, go around. Nothing wrong with that. Just make sure you aren’t too low else it wouldn’t look realistic, especially airports with high elevation.

Chances are if your APPR cannot keep up with the slope then you are most likely misconfigured or going too fast. At least what I have seen in my experience. The triangle won’t be perfect anyways all the way to the runway. Most disable it after they hit a certain alt before the runway.

If you haven’t already, check out this tutorial by Community Manager Mark Denton, aka Skyhawk Heavy. Hopefully it helps!

I agree with @Chris_S (btw Happy birthday!). If you are still at around 180 KIAS going into 5 nm final, APPR probably will not descend fast enough. Another problem sometimes is that if you are too high, say, 300-500 ft. above glideslope, and you enable APPR at around 5nm, then APPR will definitely not keep up and you will have a rough or even “bouncer” landing if you keep the APPR until landing.

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