APPR or Manual landings

I wanted to now which mode is better for landings as I looking to improve my landings in if. All suggestions are welcome ☺️

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APPR mode lands the aircraft for you, so to improve your landings you should land manually to get the practice in.


Manual landings are greatly recommended as they give you a more realistic experience, while also helping you learn how to land aircraft. I personally only use APPR in really low visibility, but always fun to land manually any time else. Also, it is always more of an accomplishment landing manually.


I actually use both in landings. If I am on a ILS approach, I use APPR to line up for the runway and once I reach 1000AGL, I disconnect autopilot and land manually. Now if visibility is bad, you still would probably landing with APPR but I don’t really find it incredibly reliable for a smooth landing


What about approaches to a airport @everyone

There you go

You can’t use APPR for an approach, but you can use ILS. Not sure what your asking?

rip my English

Once you are cleared for the ILS, you can use APPR for an approach to the airport until mínimums. That’s fine


Oh so you are talking about that segment. I was think of STARs. I use APPR, until about 750ft.

Yeah my bad I didn’t frame the question properly

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I do the same thing, I always use it to line up, then at about 1000-800 ft AGL I disconnect and hand fly it in. I really enjoy doing it that way.

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Full manual, always.

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I do all manual, I’ve thought about using APPR to capture the ILS until a couple of miles out, but I don’t use the HUD so it’s a pain to get the ILS

My friend, in my case, I do it on the glide path with automatic pilot and 3.5 miles from the unbral of the runway, I switch to manual, taking a rate of descent of about 500 feet per minute and ten feet from touching the short track, power and lift a little. the nose so you can have some nice landings PS whenever you want we practice

I only use APPR mode in low visibility and hand fly the aircraft in any other weather.

Never APPR for me, but the other day, after a go around, could not see a thing!

Usefull indeed!

I am with Drummer.
I tend to use APPR if it’s available on a particular runway. I disconnect autopilot around 1000AGL before landing but occasionally I would only disconnect 500 AGL depending on the surroundings and airport. There are red rectangles to aid the landing but it’s a question of experience using APPR correctly for example like under 200 knts speed before activating it.

Me always using the APPR till 1500ft just to lock the localizer, then i go manual except the A320 where i go full manual, especially when doing Aegean’s hops to small island airports without ILS and short runways. 🛬

I used to use APPR, never again. Manual is so much better. I normally let A/P guide me between 3 - 4,000ft AGL, or until I’m about to turn final, then I fly manually the rest of the way down. Your landing skills get better, and it’s just more fun.

Call me old school, I do full-manual flying all the time.

The best way I’ve found personally, and I’ve only been flying this for under a year, i enable APPR on approach just to line me up properly. Then once I hit 1000FT I disengage the autopilot and land. It just allows me to crosscheck speed, flaps and alignment to make a smooth landing