APPR Or Autoland

To avoid these kinda effects of APPR…i would like to clear some basics here;

Appr can be on anytime after you are built on glide slope and localiser,but if you are not intercepted on localiser and glideslope then it may create a bumpy effect right itself in air…Intercept glide slope and localiser at about 40-45 degrees,and then acivate APPR.Ensure to select runway manually i.e. dont put it on Auto mode.Choose the runway where you want to land.Try to maintain speed manually …neither too slow nor too fast.

Also go through this tutorial video made for proper use of Aut land

APPR has some documentation:

If crosswinds are more than 15kts and 30kts+headwinds it wont work upto your expectations

More documentations are mentioned in the link I pasted below,please go through that,

Thanks :