APPR Or Autoland

OK the reason there is something called APPR is to help us Land in low visibility or in general but once (now) I was on final in a low visibility of 165 Meters and the APPR landed me the second I overrun the runway
(Happened to me once in live so entered Solo And SAME RESULT)


Turn on the APPR only when you are established on the localiser. Maybe you were too high or too fast.


Also make sure you have the correct runway in. Eg rw 27/09 if you have selected the wrong one I could imagine you landing the wrong end of runway. Also APPR does not control speed, you need to do this so you can go in too fast or slow


You did something wrong, anyway, check from the map and if something goes wrong, try to make it manual and then establish localizer again, then land.


You cant really trust the APPR/autoland, if you see something is going wrong, turn off the autopilot and make a go-around. Then try it once again or land manually.


Go to Casual/Training and get familiar with how APPR works and when you should engage. Make sure you’re selecting the correct runway and you’re intercepting the localiser and engaging at the right time.

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I have over 2millions experiences in the game and I have never used APPR, I always trust my ILS on my HUD with AP engaged ofc no matter what weather conditions, then disconnect the AP and listen carefully the altimeter call out for flare.

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If I’m lazy I will use autoland. It’s more fun to manually land.

You were probably either two high or your localiser wasn’t matched up correctly, try getting used to APPR on solo or casual anywhere where you can practice easily. (I don’t have the link but Infinite Flight made a tutorial about ILS approaches)

I am never using APPR because it never worked out to be good when I used it and it”s actually easier to land a plane manually. It’s more fun! 🙂

To avoid these kinda effects of APPR…i would like to clear some basics here;

Appr can be on anytime after you are built on glide slope and localiser,but if you are not intercepted on localiser and glideslope then it may create a bumpy effect right itself in air…Intercept glide slope and localiser at about 40-45 degrees,and then acivate APPR.Ensure to select runway manually i.e. dont put it on Auto mode.Choose the runway where you want to land.Try to maintain speed manually …neither too slow nor too fast.

Also go through this tutorial video made for proper use of Aut land

APPR has some documentation:

If crosswinds are more than 15kts and 30kts+headwinds it wont work upto your expectations

More documentations are mentioned in the link I pasted below,please go through that,

Thanks :

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