APPR on the new a320 Series

Hey all, hope you’re all doing fine. With the hud off in the new a320 Series (a321 specifically) how do I choose which runway I would like to engage ILS with for example. Any ideas?

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As you might be able to tell this is my first flight in the new a320 Series

You can’t, you need to activate the HUD first.


In the HUD, in the right bottom corner, there should be a little green icon telling you which runway you’re going to be aligned up for the ILS. You just have to hold that and select the runway you wish to line up on.

Yea I know I was wondering if there was a way to fly without hud and still engage APPR. All good then, thanks both of you.

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Well, I think if you go to the HUD and select which ILS app. you want, then if you select back to the cockpit view. On the first screen indicating your altitude etc. On the side showing your altitude correct me if I’m wrong, but it should display a small arrow at which altitude you should be at. On the bottom it indicates a little runway align thing find a purple arrow and align yourself up with it as best as you can.
Hope this helps, sorry if it’s not understandable.

Yes, after choosing the ILS in the HUD you may deactivate the HUD again and can activate APPR as usual. Localiser and glideslope will be displayed on the screen accordingly after selecting the ILS so no need for the HUD apart from the selection of the approach.

This is the question.

The answer is “no.”

Any answer saying “open the HUD” is missing the point.

For me it’s still flying without HUD if I have it open for 10 seconds… But I get your point, thanks for clarifying!

I agree with you.

But it wasn’t the question.

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Yeah, you’re not wrong and your clear reply is certainly helpful (thanks for clarifying once again) for @Mike_Lima_Tango who knows now that it’s not working but can be solved easily.

Apologies if it sounded a bit harsh, not intended.

This answer should be yes. You can engage, but not manually selecting the runway without HUD.
He also didn’t ask for that, but how to select runway without hud.

However, @JulianB is just giving a solution which could be useful for other members/

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What I do is quickly turn on the HUD, select it then turn it back off.

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