APPR on all 737's

I would love it if we had APPR on all of the 737’s instead of only being on the BBJ. You can only get the BBJ when you have made 20 Purchases, I have no where near this amount of purchases. But I do have the 737-800 and if it was added to all the 737’s this would allow me to have APPR while flying a one🙂, I’m sure that lots of people would like to have this feature.


Well, the BBJ was a special plane and is the only 737 as I have researched, that has the APPR. As infinite flight shoots for realism, it would be unrealistic to add the APPR to any of the other 737’s.


Please wait until you’re a member (TL2) to request #features. :)

Look here in one of the posts I clearly says that delta’s 738s have autoland, this isn’t supposed to be a insult, if it seems like it sorry.


Ahhh, I have seen like the 738s but I’m pretty sure the others do not. But I could be wrong.

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Sorry didn’t.know you know you needed to be TL2 to request features.😐