APPR Not Working

I was flying into kdal set up for runway 13R when I realized I wasn’t descending after turning on APPR, but this was because I forgot to put an altitude for the runway I believe (I haven’t played this game in 2 years lol). I went around and realigned for 13L and reset the nav1, also setting an altitude for the runway this time, but the APPR still did not kick in. I got frustrated and decided to hand fly the plane in, and due to my 2 year absence of this game crashed it short of the runway 💀.

I’m pretty sure I accidentally messed up a nav setting which led to the APPR not working, but I don’t know how. Does anyone have any solutions?

You don’t need a runway altitude for APPR to work. Assuming you selected the correct runway from the airport menu and saved it to NAV1, you were probably just over the glideslope and thus it never intercepted.


Makes sense now, at what point should I switch from Lnav and vnav to APPR?

Generally if you’re flying in on VNAV I try to be at 3000 AAL when the cone starts, at this level you normally will intercept around 7-8 nm so that gives you 2-3 nm of wiggle room.

Got it, hopefully no more crash landings

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photo via @tunamkol but you should activate APPR when that green dot is just slightly above your altitude indicator, don’t do it too early. Just let it fly at 3000 AAL until then.

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