APPR not working

APPR doesnt work anymore. The 777 - 200 LR swerves back and forth constantly. Does anybody know how to fix this? I have tried to uninstall and reinstall. I have had my friend who is a retired MD 11 pilot for Fedex sit with me through this and he told me somthing is wrong with the APPR.

Hello! Here are a few helpful starting places for your situation:


Additionally, there are a number of reasons the Autoland wouldn’t be working correctly:

-your weight/speed/flaps could be uncoordinated
-you’re out of position, either vertically or horizontally, to efficiently capture the glide slope

Can you provide some more specifics about your configuration of the plane?


@jmwilliams17 has basically nailed it on the head there…
With the 777, what with it being a big, heavy aircraft, APPR has a tendency to overcompensate, especially when lining up with the runway. The best thing you can do is make sure you hace lined up with the runway correctly before activating APPR
Alternatively, you could just land the plane yourself 🤷

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What?? What is this witchcraft you speak of?

Kidding aside, you’re absolutely right about the 777. I always make my base turns further out if i plan on using the APPR setting. It also helps to follow real ILS approach plates; it makes the APPR run seamlessly.


hello everybody thank you for your input I have tried multiple times on both online and solo modes I have contacted support and they’ve been looking into the issue for a few months now they agreed that something is wrong with APPR but aren’t exactly sure how how to fix from what they have told me and they are very busy team so I have tried not to bother them. My approach is always in coordination with the requirements to activate APPR when coming in and before activating APPR and it swerves back and forth or ‘overcorrects’ as stated. The thing that intredt me the most is I had previously used it when Global first came out and it was flawless and I never used it again as I have always landed myself once I bought a joystick but now since about February everytime I want to use it for whatever reason it overcorrects back and forth and I have tried effortlessly to figure the issue out. Wind is no factor to this as well as I always respect the limitations of APPR and act accordingly.

Was this via email or a thread on here?

Do you have a video showing what you are experiencing. Also some airports may have an issue with the ILS so its hard to tell. Have you uninstalled and reinstalled the app?

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I have unistalled and reinstalled the app.No airports work with APPR. The support communication was via email. The video showing that APPR does not work have been sent to support I can make another one tonight when I get back. They acknowledged the issue but did not offer a solution this was a few months ago. Capture%20_2018-04-20-13-41-04

So it’s only having issues at certain airports then as Chris thought?

No that was a typo. It does not work at any airport I have flown in from the UK to Cairo and the U.S.

And it’s only on the -200LR right?

It’s surprising as the plane has had APPR for nearly 2 years now.

That is the only one that I have tested and fly. I cannot speak for the other aircraft.

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Take a look at the video tutorials. You should be lined up on the glide slope and localiser before activating APPR.

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Hey peers. Bare with me until the morning for this topic I am going to post a video of my APPR attempt tommorow afternoone at a random airport. Hopfully this will provide needed visual detail

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You could just land manually like most of the community does! :)

That’s still doesn’t resolve the fact that he’s experiencing a possible issue. Appr is something that is provided in this simulator for reason. Let’s be fair 🙂


With my APPR, I am usually to high and I have to get to the right position for the APPR, are you to high and have you set a route?

No Sir or Ma’am I come in with precision I am going to do my best to demonstrate that while on video 4/21 at around noone or earlier.

Yes please do. If there is an issue it should definitely be fixed

It appears I was wrong and APPR did a perfect textbook landing. This was a major lesson for me on this as I had no idea that I had to have the plane lined up with the runway. I am very appreciative to all of you for your guidance in this. Thank you so much. With the 777 you have to already be lined up with the runway before activating APPR not while still comming in at a 30° angle and of course the G/S. The following video is not my standard landing procedure but I put it together for educational purposes. Thank you all.

Delta 0609
APPR 777 - 200LR landing TEST

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