APPR not Operating as Expected

Every time i turn on the NAV APPR the aircraft turns right and goes to the ground. How do I successfully use the APPR NAV?

It’s a staged process, check the tutorial above. You need to ensure you have enough speed, as appr doesn’t do that automatically. And also be sure to select the runway in the localiser.

Very quick reply @DiamondGaming4, you beat me to it! Anyway, definitely check out that tutorial. Also, check out this feature request if you would like a rework of the system:

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Hi @mo_hecht,

Surely APPR is working correctly. May be you want to watch this wonderful APPR tutorial and follow the guidance it gives exactly.
If you still have trouble after you did so, it might help if you state which airframe you are using, at which airport you are (ICAO), and your speed and attitude as well as distance to which runway when it happen. A screenshot might be a good addition to your question.

Others are quicker in typing. 😂
But seems to be a good advice to watch the tutorial 😉


Hey, it’s really easy… You need to be established with the loclaizer and be in 3000 ft. When you are established with the loclaizer you have to be in 3000 ft. Activating it far away will cause you to crash

Sorry, but if you are at 3000ft when trying to intercept the localiser, you have to be far enough of the airport. I do often turn base at 2000ft, so I would crash if I would use Autoland in that case…

You have to be at the correct attitude for the distance you are from the localiser if you want to use APPR. And not at an number, especially not at one without reference (MSL? AGL? Airport elevation?).

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