APPR Not Functioning Right

Hi IFC, recently, I’ve be having some trouble with the APPR setting. I have been using APPR for about two year now, and every time I enable it, i always do it using the following configuration:

Full Flaps
160-180 knots airspeed
0-30 degree deviation from ILS/localizer
NAV1 setting to correct runway
Enabling when the green trapezoid is on the localizer line on the altitude indicator

However, this week, I tried to do three separate approaches into different airports and every time, this aircraft sways drastically to the right and left and it can’t ever seem to localized along the midline. VS and Airspeed seem to be functioning fine. Is anybody else having this, I have never had this happen and it’s happening all of a sudden. I had to quit my latest approach into VABB just 2 NM short of the runway.

Just want to know if this is happening to anyone else?

Any help is greatly appreciated! 😁

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Did you check to see if you were tuned into the ILS for the right runway?

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Yes, I was. I set NAV1 for the inbound runways

What was the aircraft and weight?

First time this happened, it was an a319-100. I was landing into St. Petersburg (ULLI) and the aircraft was around 25% weight. I had made sure it was underweight from the start because I wanted to climb up directly to FL410.

Second time, I was landing into VABB and it was an a330-300. It was a 8hr flight and when landing, the aircraft was 35% weight.

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What were the winds?

At ULLI, steady headwinds. Same for VABB. The runways were colored green, so I don’t think winds were an issue.

It happened to me as well sometimes. I don’t really know why but just turn out of the approach mode and select heading to intercept the glideslope. When you are almost aligned with the runway, turn approach on again. It should work then.

I did that today on approach to VABB, the aircraft spiraled and was on the verge of crashing nose first! I had to exit the flight to avoid violations…

You need to make sure you’re below the glideslope and almost intercepted the localizer fairly well when you turn it on, at least that works best in my experience.

I having this same issue, especially on SBGR, with A320…

It may be that the ILS is not edited. Does it work with a different aircraft?

I don’t know if your doing it correctly or not but just to be safe go watch

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Well, a friend of usually fly with me dont have this issue, even with the same aircraft, maybe can be the connection, or something wrong, but i do exactly How the vídeo teatches…

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Might depend on your aircraft weight

Hello, I have another quick update:

I was currently landing in at KJFnK from a 16 hr long haul from VABB and on final approach, I tried to activate APPR mode below the GS and at a shallow 15 degree attack angle, yet the aircraft still did not intercept. Instead, it proceeded to do a full 180 degree turn backwards, and then back again to try and intercept the localizer. Upon reaching the localizer/GS midline, it (again) proceeded to “intentionally” overshoot the midline and violently turn left and right. Had to convert to a visual approach. Let’s just say I did not land that one too neatly (😂)

In all seriousness though, this is very strange. I have never had this happen to me and have only experienced this very recently (this week only)! Could there be a problem with the ILS/APPR function in the sim?

Here is a LiveFlightApp image of what my approach looked like in final:

I will try to get a replay with touches configured today to show exactly what happens before, during, and after activation!

Has anyone else been experiencing this? Please let me know, I’m curious to see if it’s just me or it’s elsewhere as well!

Nope, I’ve tried a lot of different aircraft from the a319/320s to the A333 and B777 series

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