APPR NAV/ NAV Mode Usage

How do you use Navigation when you want to turn off your phone? … In other words, how do I keep my flight going so that I can charge my phone?


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Please see the below topic which has assistance on using the NAV system. It is worth noting that you have to keep your phone turned on the app to utilise this feature.


You cannot keep going while your phone is off. You can keep your phone on, and plugged in simultaneously.


You can not exit the app or turn your phone off during a flight. However you can turn your brightness down and/or put your phone in low power mode while plugged in.


After a couple of minutes, Low Power Mode should kick in, saving your battery for long flights. You must keep your phone on for the entire flight though.


THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH… Maybe this will also help future Infinite Flight players as well as myself :)

As long as your device is plugged in, brightness on lowest setting, and low power mode is on within IF, it will charge. At least that happens with my iPad Air 2.


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If you keep your phone on, and just tap that “NAV” button, you are good to go. Make sure low power mode and screen brightness are turned all the way down to prevent excessive battery usage.

Thank you for your response, but I’ve been told what to do already :) Now I know nxt time where to post my ‘simple question’. Have a nice night:)


Laura underestimated Nav mode when she said it wouldn’t be able to take control of the whole aircraft completely