Maybe y’all can help me out on this one.
The past couple of times I have tried to use APPR on my 777-200ER, the plane has pitched up and down violently, even when I have intercepted the glideslope and I am established on the localizer. My average speed during this is around 190 knots and my flaps are at 15.

Hello, this issue is well known and should be worked on in the future.

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190kts is way too fast for final aswell

Hello! Welcome to the Forum! Here are a few helpful starting places for your situation:

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Not really. Entering final at 10 miles at 190/180 knots is perfectly fine.

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Here’s a tutorial for how to land using APPR:

Using Autoland (APPR)

190 kts is so slow for someone ;) i see fast people, who are entering the final approach at 240 kts, 300 kts, 500 kts.

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