APPR Mode Problems

Device: iPhone 13
Operating system: 16.3.1

I’ve never really use the auto land function (I prefer hand flying), but decided to try it out today. I watched the Infinite Flight video on it, and followed all the steps to the t on a JetBlue A321-200 at KJFK.

The approach was OK, but things went wrong at about 50 feet AGL. There was no flare, and the plane bounced off the runway. It tried to touch down again, but the plane ended up stalling out and crashing on the runway.
If it would help, I can share the replay.

Any ideas?

Assuming you were tracking the glideslope ok, it sounds like speed for your flap setting would be something to look at.


@Mort Could you send the replay of this happening?

You can share the replay via I can then download it and take a look.


yes that happend to me and i thought i was doing it wrong

Remember to shut down the throttle!

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What were you doing with the throttle around that time? Was it auto throttle or were you manually adjusting it?

Hey Mort,

I used to have the same problem, but I never use APPR. I would suggest having full control over speed and using trim (I use -25%). Also, when auto landing avoid using full flaps since that reduces the flare. Regularly when being at 100 agl you should be between 140-145kts ground speed. When being at 20ft, reduce all throttle and the APPR will automatically make the flaring. Once you touch down, have your rudder ready to align with runway.

Hope it works, good luck!!

@BennyBoy_Alpha, it’s not letting me download the replay.

I believe I had auto throttle on.

This fresh topic is actually about problems with incorrect speed while using APPR as well as for landings in general: NAV1 on both runways

The bottom line is APPR Mode is only as good as your ability to land the plane without using approach. It won’t fix basic technique problems you need to fix.

You need to gain enough knowledge about basic landing and approach technique to monitor if the results you are getting from APPR are acceptable or if you should disconnect and hand fly.

It’s as true in IF as irl.


I disagree with this advice.

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This technique worked for me. However everyone is free to land as they’d wish. Butter landings depend mostly on the pilot skills.


I can’t disagree with that. And many of the problems seem to be with holding speed within an effective range and flare timing (leaving aside touchdown-point aiming and crosswind technique).

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