APPR Mode Problem

He already watched this ๐Ÿ˜‰


I understand this. But I still donโ€™t expect the aircraft to drastically swerve left and right all way down to the threshold. If you watch the video I posted above, the aircraft (a350) never fully recovered from those violent banks and it eventually crashed short of the runway.

Im still not sure if I should take this up to a developer? What should I do?

Hi! Mods and staff have an eye on this. This is not the first time this has been reported.

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Oh that great news! Because as I have said, this has began happening to me very recently, like within the last two week only

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This is an exact duplicate of what you posted before. As stated before APPR is not a magic button. It still requires work of the pilot to properly configure the flight.

I honestly think this was due to a few factors:

  • You had a very sharp base turn which didnt put you in the best position to enable APPR
  • You were well under the slope when engaging APPR. Try to come in a little higher
  • You were going pretty slow. Try going a little faster when you are that far out.
  • If it happens again, sometimes turning off APPR and turning it back on will fix things.

Us looking at the same video over and over is good but try again with the notes above myself and others.

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Hey @Chris_S I have a clarification,
1.What is the maximum altitude of the aircraft when enabling the approach mode
example can the approach mode be toggled on at 6000ft (lowest speed possible) instead of 3000ft on long finals

why would you want to activate it at 6000ft aal? that really isnโ€™t necessary or advisable.

Any possibility of steep approaches?

I honestly donโ€™t understand what you mean. What do you have in mind specifically?

Steep approaches (like LCY for example) are steep from a point on or after the final approach fix, not from 6000 ft 20nm out.

I understood many thanks @ATK

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Just a quick update: today, I landed into SBGR with full ATC staffing and approach ATC as well. I followed the instructions exactly as given, including a reduction of speed to 180 knots. ATC vectored me in on a 30 degree angle of approach to runway 09R and upon activating APPR mode, the aircraft proceeded to do the EXACT same thing: the B77W swerved left and right and never fully got aligned. I followed ALL of ATCs instructions and yet still, the aircraft could not stabilize. This is clearly not anything that Iโ€™m doing wrong, I still believe that there is something wrong with APPR.

The good news is that the 777 is being worked on. We will be sure to test the APPR out.

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I did the same approach in the 77W. It did a few slow S turns but fully stabilized 7 nm out.

Yes, I did too but unfortunately the aircraft did not stabilize. Hopefully will be looked at in the rework ๐Ÿคž

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Hello all. I understand that I am being a little incessant with this, but just right now, I completed another flight from EIDW-KLAX in the A350. As I began my final approach into KLAX, I tried to turn on APPR. The aircraft was not overweight and it was at 180 Knots and I even took the effort to switch my source from NAV to NAV1, which I set to runway 24R, over 15 nautical miles away from the threshold of the ILS. As usual, the aircraft swerved violently left and right and never aligned. Had to convert to a visual yet again.

I understand that I am repeating myself quite a bit here, but I just want to make sure this issue, whether it be from my side or something else, be resolved. I do hope this is being looked into (IFโ€™s latest Instagram post about B772 development mentioned something about tweaking the APPR system).

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Why not just land the aircraft by hand, itโ€™s so much more fun anyway

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I agree, but sometimes itโ€™s just more convenient to use APPR, especially when you are in a busy airspace where you have other things to do.

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Please get a video next time of it happening so we can see what is similar between the two you did.

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Hello all. As per the request from @Chris_S, I have attached another video of a full flight into KLAX that replicated my most recent approach. It is modeling the entire flight, so please feel free to skip to the part of the approach. Something different from the last video posted above: I took the effort to engage NAV1 as well, but with little to no difference. Here is the video:

Please do take a look and let me know if there is anything abnormal that can be spotted.

Thanks and safe flying all! ๐Ÿ˜