APPR Mode Problem

It doesn’t or isn’t supposed to do that. It virtually is meaningless extra steps to take, especially if you align with GS and ILS ahead of time

Yea. I tried to use Nav1 one time at Hong Kong and I had to do a go around because it didn’t work correctly.

Yea it’s always a little to the left which is why I manually control the heading only using it as a guide.

Relying on APPR for all your flights might also not be a great idea

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But I feel like if we notify this or bring this up to a developer we can get some technical help or fix on this. It’s a great feature, but it’s not working right…

I’m thinking about getting a developer or at least a moderator involved in this, this malfunction is really annoying me

@Nicholas1 @FlyerCharm @Lukascrazydude I also note this problem to be specifically with the b777 family of aircraft. Could this possibly be due to the rework that is taking place? I don’t have this issue in the same frequency with other aircraft like the b787 or the a350

No it’s all aircraft for me. I even got told I was lined up with the wrong runway in the a350 because it turned left so violently.

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Yeah true. In my video I posted above, I did experience it in the a350. But still, I feel like it happens more in the b777s

I don’t really know. I don’t fly the 777s like that I really only flight the reworked aircraft. That’s why I can’t wait for the 777-200ER to come out. I have always wanted to fly the 777 with a live cockpit in IF.

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True, same here. But I still feel like maybe the rework is also somehow having an effect on the APPR mode.

I don’t think it would.

I tested it myself. Same issue, it acts like the bank angle used to correct is set to 30+ degrees for some reason. I found out you can avoid the violent pitching by being perfectly on localizer (must be in NAV mode not GPS) And then engaging approach at the initial approach fix on glideslope. If you’re off even slightly pr using GPS/RNAV then it will create the overbanking.

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I can confirm this issue has been happening to me as well with the violent sways on approach. Specifically the A320.

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Next time you use appr and it starts swaying turn it off adjust the plane and then turn it back on.

I have tried this(two times both on b777s) and it has never worked. The plane just swerved even more and I ultimately had to convert to the visual

Yes, my first time experiencing this was in the a320 actually. It was at ULLI, when the schedule took us to Russia about a week and a half ago

I’m seriously considering bringing this up to a developer. I’m not sure if I should truly go through with it though. Is it a serious enough issue? What do you guys think?

Nav mode before Appr is not going to perfectly line you up. Once you switch from nav to Appr you are going to swerve a bit to get on the centerline if you are even a little off

I normally (when I use APPR) you should use NAV1 and then turn on the APPR.
Here’s a video, that should help