Appr mode problem

@Chris_S: here is the video of my approach into KSFO runway 28R while activating APPR mode. Touches have been configured and the whole video is in HUD mode. Please do let me know if there is anything doing wrong, any help is greatly appreciated! 😄

Thanks please give us a bit to review it.


thats exactly what happens to me too. I’m on a flight to bogota and I’ll see if it does the same thing again. I will record it

thank you for the help

Hi, is there any update for this ongoing situation? Is this problem from the sim or our ends?

We don’t know yet they checking it

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So far what I am seeing is that you may have enabled it too far out and/or been too slow (You were 160 kts 15 miles out) I have experienced this too from time to time and are working to find a repeatable scenario. I have noticed it is more likely to happen after a tighter turn similar to the plan you had established.

It is advised to be within 30 degrees of the runway heading when APPR is engaged. Try not to be directly lined up.


@Chris_S However, I have always activated APPR at 160-180 knots and almost all my flights are done straight, head on for the runway. I have never encountered this issue. Why is it appearing just now?

Also, how does this contribute to the violent “S” shape the aircraft makes along the GS?

@Chris_S Hi, sorry for asking so much, but is there any other update as to why the APPR mode is acting like this. I would like to do another flight soon, but I’m worried about the APPR acting up again. Thanks for the help

I just had a other flight and it did the same thing

Yes, that is what I’m worried about. Trying to get another update from @Chris_S

I think it is speed related. What plane were you in? You were full flaps and going 160.

the A350 and i was at 180 kts airpeed on 1+F flaps

I know sometimes when I click on appr the first thing it does is turns and elevation changes which I don’t believe are necessary but when I let it do its thing it corrects after less than 30 seconds. Have you tried this?

I was in the a350-900 on approach to KSFO. After engaging APPR, I usually reduce the speed to 140 knots which is my final landing speed

I’ve asked others and when it happens the best thing is to turn off APPR and back on again.

We will keep an eye on it and see if we can see any patterns.

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I have, and that is usually how it functions, I have been using this feature for up to two years now and I’ve never had this happen to me. This is something very recent.

Surprisingly it works fine with the 787 family no problem with those

Another quick update: I just landed into LPPT after a 3 hour flight from EHAM and I can confirm that APPR works as normal if activated at 180 knots. I believe that the prior problem was due to the slow speed (<160 knots) over 15 nm out of final, as @Chris_S pointed out. Thank you to whoever helped with this. I hope this helps others as well who are experiencing similar problem! 😁

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