Appr mode problem

Hello everytime I’m on the heading of the runway and activate approach mode it turns my plane left and right. So I have to land visual. I’ve tried on many planes and it’s the same results. I always activate it at 180 kts and almost all configured for landing. Please help!!


Left and right vigorously…

You don’t seem to be correctly lined up with the runway. APPR is a perfectionist and sometimes has a habit of overshooting turns.

i always change to NAV1 and when i got the correct heading i activate it

By that I mean slightly to the left or right even with correct heading.

even that it overturns completely away from the runway

It still applies to this.

true so do you have any ideas what i should do??

This happens a lot in the A350

Make sure you’re lined up at perfectly on the centerline or wait it out and hope the APPR corrects you properly. Either that or your weight is wrong. How much weight did you have?

i am always pretty light.

Try using this advice.

Or double double check the tutorial.

Did you set the runway ils to nav1?

yes always

im going to try to perfectly be alligned with the centerline. Thanks

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No problem.

Is there any way to record a flight where this happens with touches on? There are simply too many variable unless we can see what is happening.

I am also having the same exact problem! It’s been happening all week for me. I have an existing thread on it, I would like to merge these two conversations:

Happened to me today when doing LX154 in an A333 from Zurich (LSZH/ZRH) to Mumbai (VABB/BOM). Had to exit the 8 hour flight because the APPR was acting very strange. It kept turning the plane left and right sporadically. It’s happened to me more than once. This week again, I was doing a flight from Frankfurt (EDDF/FRA) to St. Petersburg (ULLI/LED) and the a319 I was turning very violently from left to right to left and back. I had to go around and retry the visual approach.

It seems that that aircraft is perfectly level with proper orientation and configuration when I activate the APPR mode, but then “Intentionally” overshoots the midline for the localizer and then violently turns left and right to try and center itself. I don’t understand why this would occur. I don’t know if this would help @Chris_S? Another perspective on the problem… I unfortunately don’t have a replay of these two said flights as I typically only keep completed flights

APPR will do S turns to align, this is normal. Usually it does one or two. If the intercepting angle is too tight I have found it will continue turning as it can never get lined up with the corrections.

Replays do not help since we cannot see what is pressed in the AP/NAV settings.

It could be something simple for all we know which is why I am asking for a video from the HUD view with the controls.

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Ok I’ll try to see if I can get it

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Hello, I have another quick update:

I was currently landing in at KJFnK from a 16 hr long haul from VABB and on final approach, I tried to activate APPR mode below the GS and at a shallow 15 degree attack angle, yet the aircraft still did not intercept. Instead, it proceeded to do a full 180 degree turn backwards, and then back again to try and intercept the localizer. Upon reaching the localizer/GS midline, it (again) proceeded to “intentionally” overshoot the midline and violently turn left and right. Had to convert to a visual approach. Let’s just say I did not land that one too neatly (😂)

In all seriousness though, this is very strange. I have never had this happen to me and have only experienced this very recently (this week only)! Could there be a problem with the ILS/APPR function in the sim?

Here is a LiveFlightApp image of what my approach looked like in final:

Has anyone else been experiencing this? Please let me know, I’m curious to see if it’s just me or it’s elsewhere as well!