APPR mode pointing 1-2 degrees left or right

I just have this random thing pop up today that APPR mode always points the aircraft 1-2 degrees either left or right and it results in the aircraft skidding off the runway. I engage the APPR mode at 160-180 kts and within 15 nautical miles.

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your plane skids after you land?

I think I know what the problem is. Crosswind. When you have crosswind and are on approach, you put the nose of the plane into the wind so that you are on track. If you flew straight towards the runway, you would drift off as there is crosswind. About the drifting on the runway part; in IF, the autopilot doesn’t have any control of the rudder so maybe that’s it. The nose was pointing towards the wind on approach due to crosswind, landing on the centre line but because autopilot doesn’t have rudder control, it drifted off. I would suggest disconnect autopilot once the plane has touched down as you can control it better so that it won’t drift off the runway. If I’m wrong in anything I said, feel free to correct me.

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Yes, especially the Boeing 757-200… I landed it at 165kts and it was pointed to 2° to the right off the actual runway heading in APPR mode

I thought it was crosswind too but it happens at multiple airports around the world and also in Fly Solo mode where I set the weather. It’s always 1-2 degrees left or right depending on the aircraft.

I mean realistically you should have your finger on the rudder and be ready to correct the moment you get on the runway to grab the centre line. I would disengage appr at your minimums (or say 1000 feet and hand fly it down) then you can correct for wind just before touchdown and set the nose dead centre with the runway.

By this do you mean set it to no crosswind?

Yup I would suggest this too. Always keep your hands on the rudder so that when the plane touches down, you can correct it to stay on the centre line of the runway.

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