APPR mode not responding with glideslope

Send the replay to one of the links to see if someone can review it and see what happened is my best bet to tell you.

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Ok thanks @Kevinsoto1502

Sorry about that @Rhys_V, I was worried that you might have thought I was trolling


Where will I send it to sorry?

I had a slight concern that you were trying to bypass the “no pattern work” in ATIS, but after reading this, yuo’re all good!

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Not that I would have thought, there were some small mountains but with the approach pattern it kind of avoids them.

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To be clear, you were able to arm the APPR, right?

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There are way too many variables at play. Everything from speed, where you were when appr was engaged, weight, plane configuration, and angle play into it.

I suggest you try again and if needed record your screen from well before Appr is engaged so people can see what is being pressed and when.

Otherwise everyone is just throwing out guesses without having all the facts.


Yeah I was, I also was able to tune into the ILS for runway 29R

I’ll do that now. Thanks

After many thoughts, I think that this is just a one-off glitch in the system. If you can’t try to recreate it then it will be unlikely that other people will run into the same thing.

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I am able to recreate I just did it there, I think it is because I was too high, the diamond was at the bottom when I was established on the localiser. Could it have been controller error? As they issued the 8000ft and to maintain it until established on the localiser?

I have the screen recording but I don’t know where I can send it to as it’s too big to be sent in here.


Try this.

Or try uploading to YouTube and sending us link



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